Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good things are happening

We went on a mini vacation to safari west and it was amazing. We stayed in a cabin with no tv (shocking to the kids) and we were forced to just talk. It was a great family bonding experience. The animals were awesome. My favorite was the baby adorable. Something so sweet about baby animals (or any babies for that matter). I have tons of pictures coming your way soon...................don't get to excited now.
School is almost out and although I have been procrastinating on my research paper, I am finally ready to sit down and tackle this project. Sex education vs. abstinence only education.......oh the things I could say.
So with school almost being out that means its almost summer baby!!!! Oh how I love summer. It makes me smile.
I am almost to my goal for my breast cancer walk but my team still has a long way to go so we will still be fundraising for a while.

Ok ok gotta work. But good things are happening and I am in a good mood today!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

My baby is 9!

Wow time sure does go by fast. It feels like yesterday I was writing this post about him being eight Now it is time to write 9.........ahhhhh. Every year on Jaden's birthday I get a little sad. I mean time really goes by way to fast and I want to freeze it and keep him little just a little longer. I am not ready for him to grow up (but he sure is). I was just telling someone the other day that he is starting to like girls (one girl he really likes), he is starting to smell like a teenage boy and even his little attitude is more teenage like. Don't get me wrong he is still my sweet boy most of the time.
He looks so grown up to meBut he will always be my baby!
He still will take family pics although it takes a little threat from mom
("I will canel your party". )
Yes I will always kiss him, even in front of his friends.
Last weekend we had a party at our house and he has 23 boys over. He didn't stop smiling the entire time...........he was in heaven. The party was great and they all had a great time.

Happy Birthday my sweet Jaden. I love you so much!
More bday pics can be found

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy town

I am not back yet from crazy town but I will let you all know when I am.
Maybe it was the 23 boys at my house on Sunday or the fact I spend the night in ER with Sienna and what we thought was a broken foot (which is just badly sprained).
Or maybe it the research paper that's due soon that I haven't started.
Oh, I know....its the baseball games that seem to be everyday and most of the time start at the same time for both boys.
NO NO NO, its the fact my husband is working every night this week which leaves me home solo to do it all.

CRAZY TOWN....I need a vacation from you! Thanks.