Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back in the day

I came across this picture today and it brought back so many memories. This is a time when I only had one child to dedicate all my attention too.We baked, did art projects, sang songs etc. It was before sports,homework and hectic schedules. It was a time before attitudes! He was my world (still is) and my #1 priority (still is as well although he has to share that with his brother and sister). It was a time of learning for me as well.......learning to be a mother.
Wow the memories!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Race Day!

This was the day I had been training for since November.......Race day! I felt great when I woke up despite losing a hour of sleep due to daylight savings. The first seven miles were pretty easy but mile 8 was a challenge. The hill on mile 9 was brutal as well. I was ready to give up after 12 miles but I saw my family cheering me on and pushed through.

13.1 miles ........2 hours, 20 min! I did it!!! It was an amazing experience and so much fun. (Just got official time 2 hours 18 min!!!)

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finding Nemo

It all started with a simple trip to the yogurt shop. As we pull in the kids see a pet store and begged to go in. I agree and of course the begging doesn't stop because now they want a fish. Now if you know me you know that it takes a lot of begging for a pet (I am not a animal person). But it was Friday, I was tired and really I just wanted to get my yogurt and go home.... so I gave in. A blue beta fish is what they picked out. The clerk told me how to take care of the fish and off we went to eat yogurt. Over yogurt we talked about names. Sienna wanted to call the fish "dolphin" then followed by "shark". After Alec looked at her like she was the stupidest 3 year old on earth they agreed the fish would be called NEMO (so original huh). They fought over if it was a boy or a girl but since Alec won the name game she got to pick that it was a girl. We got home and put the fish in water and followed the specific instructions by the clerk......... Wash the rocks, and used room temp bottled watter only. The kids sat and looked at the fish for about a hour and were really in love with it. They called everyone they know to tell them about Nemo. They finally fell asleep and said goodnight to Nemo.

All was great until...................................................................

Brannon came home late after getting off work and went to look at the fish that the kids called him to talk about 5 times and Nemo was DEAD. OMG I didn't know what to do. I was in a panic. I couldn't tell my kids the fish died. Brannon wanted to tell them the truth and I didn't. After a while I thought I was going to tell them I had to take him to the doctor because he was sick but we were going to get him back (give me time to find a new fish). So that was the plan...thank god Jaden spending the night with grandma because he wouldn't believe that at all.
So the next morning, I get up really early to go running and I get a call from kiddos asking where Nemo is. I give them the story about the doctors and they believe me but want to go see him at the doctors and asked "when he could come home". When I got home they wanted to go get Nemo NOW!


Ok so I will take them to the pet store by my moms house and find one that looks the same and make the clerk play the pretend game. Ok good plan. Well we get to that store and it out of business. So I tell the kids "I better ask dad which doctor he took it too". So we go to the next pet store and they didn't have any Beta fish. I was so worried they were going to catch on to me. But nope they believed me when I said "silly mommy forgot which store dad said". So onto the next and at last they had Beta fish. So I asked Alec which one was Nemo and he pointed at a blue fish in the tank. I asked the clerk to come over and said to him "that one is Nemo right" and gave him a wink and he went along with it and said "yes it is". Then I replied "I am so glad he is feeling better and ready to come home". PHEW

So now Nemo (or should I say Nemo 2) is home with us.

I literally was trying to find Nemo!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good things happen to good people

Good things happen to good people!
That is all I have to say today (well thats all I have time to say today)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Big heart!

I always knew Jaden was special and had such an amazing heart but this week he proved it to me more than I can explain. I am walking the Avon Breast Cancer walk and I have talked about it a lot latley with him and sometimes on the phone (but he listens to everything). He knows I have to raise money and he said to me "I am going to help you" one afternoon. I thanked him and he went on to play wii and do kid stuff. He went to a birthday party this weekend and his dad gave him $10 just in case he wanted something from the snack bar (even though the party had food. haha). He came home from the party and I asked him how it went and he said "mom it was great but I have something for you". I was waiting for some craft to be handed to me from the party or another birthday invitation to another kids party when he handed me the $10 bill. He said "Dad gave this to me for food but I didn't want to get anything because I wanted to give it to you for your walk". My heart melted right then. He then went on to ask all the things he could do to help. He wanted to sell lemonade and even said he would stand on the corner with a sign. hahahahahaha He made a jar with the words BREAST CANCER FUND on it and started collecting all the coins around our house. He even rounded up his brother and sister to help him collect money from their piggy banks. In a few short days of collecting change and his $10, we now have almost $20. I am proud to say I have one of the kindest kids in the world. His heart amazes me and now he is teaching his brother and sister. I love my kids

To learn more about why I am walking or donate, go to my page: