Monday, June 29, 2009


I had a wonderful time with my friends this weekend. I love getting a chance to catch up and act silly. It brings me back to the times when we had nothing to do but hang out alll day and all night. I did have a wonderful time and pictures will come soon. We went shopping, hung by the pool, drank to much, went to dinner, drank to much again........hahaha It was great.
With that said I missed my kids so much!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am in much need of a break

and I am actually getting one! Today is spa day with my team and tomorrow I am leaving on a road trip with my friends (yeah baby).

Funny pic of the day

Monday, June 22, 2009


My little princess who will be three soon. She has a bit of a attitude these days but can be sweet at times too! She is Mrs. Independent and very girly (until she gets around dirt). On her wish list for her birthday is a bike, a camera and a cell phone. I am not sure who the heck she thinks she is. hahaha Everyone is her best friend and that's how you know when she is mad because you will hear "you are not my best friend anymore". She will be starting dance soon!
This is fun!

Should I go?

I am going!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Jaden, my sweet boy. I swear he gets older and older everyday. He played in his first Allstar game on Saturday and he did soooooooo good. I was so proud of him. He doesn't stay still long enough for me to get a lot of pictures. He thinks mom is "so not cool" these day (boo hoo). I secretly know he thinks I am cool because he couldn't wait for me to help on his field trip. haha He only agreed to take a picture with me because it was my birthday!


Playing first base in his very first Allstar game!
Pitching (man was I nervous for him)

His brother want to be just like him!

Friday, June 19, 2009


I am behind on pictures so I will go one kid at a time. So here is my poor middle child (haha), my soccer stud, my preschool graduate, my shy boy who doesn't sing in class when all the other kids do (or hit the panata or anything else that draws attention to only him. haha).
But he sure is cute!


My baby made Allstars again this year. He couldn't play last year because he was to young but this year its on. I am a little nervous for him as he is yet again the youngest player on his team. His first game is tomorrow and I am so excited to watch him.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camping last month

She really went tubing!

He will find a way to play baseball anywhere we go!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You Know you're from California if:

You know you're from California if:
1. Your coworker has 8 body piercings and none are visible.
2. You make over $300,000 and still can't afford a house
3. You take a bus and are shocked at two people carrying on a conversation in English.
4. Your child's 3rd-grade teacher has purple hair, a nose ring, and is named Flower.
5. You can't remember ... Is pot illegal?
6. You've been to a baby shower that has two mothers and a sperm donor.
7. You have a very strong opinion about where your coffee beans are grown, and you can taste the difference between Sumatran and Ethiopian.
8. You can't remember . . . Is pot illegal?
9. A really great parking space can totally move you to tears.
10. Gas costs $1.00 per gallon more than anywhere else in the U.S.
11. Unlike back home, the guy at 8:30 am at Starbucks wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses who looks like George Clooney really IS George Clooney.
12. Your car insurance costs as much as your house payment.
13. You can't remember .... is pot illegal?
14. It's barely sprinkling rain and there's a report on every news station: "STORM WATCH."
15. You pass an elementary school playground and the children are all busy with their cells or pagers.
16. It's barely sprinkling rain outside, so you leave for work an hour early to avoid all the weather-related accidents.
17. HEY!!!! Is pot illegal????
18. Both you AND your dog have therapists, psychics, personal trainers and cosmetic surgeons.. 19. The Terminator is your governor.
20. If you drive illegally, they take your driver's license. If you're here illegally, they want to give you one!


Ok so I have been slacking on my blog........what can I say?

My birthday was cool. I got spoiled for a few days and I am sad that its over. Now I have to wait a another year for it to come. haha Its ok though because getting another year older is not fun.

I took the day off and went on a field trip with Jaden's class yesterday. Why do I do these things? haha Its like asking for a headache! Kids are crazy. Jaden enjoyed having me there though and that's all that matters. I of course had 6 boys in my group again...............AHHHHHHHHH!

Last night was Jaden's end of the year banquet for baseball. His team went undefeated in the season but lost in the Championship game of the tournament! They had a awesome year!
I have many great pictures to share but my computer at home is not working (dont worry I have someone coming to look at it on Friday). Until then, here is a camera phone pic of Alec at the park on Sunday. We took the kiddos to ride bikes with my sister in law and her family. It was a great day and the kiddos had a blast!