Monday, September 29, 2008


I took 221 pictures this weekend of the wedding. The kids looked adorable and the bride was amazingly beautiful. It was a nice weekend. I will give you all a sneak peak........... I will get more post later.

The Rehersal Dinner The Wedding day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It's amazing what a little bit of control/Independence will do to a child. Preschool is no longer a battle for us. Alec goes to school just fine as long as:

  • He gets to pick what he is wearing. Monday it was a red Hawaiian Shirt with his "monster sweatshirt". Today it was a sharks jersey and with shorts that did not match. God only knows what it will be next week.

  • He gets to pick which back pack he is bringing (this also changes daily)

  • What goes in the back pack (ex. trophy, cars, books and anything he can steal from Jaden)

  • He MUST have a lunch box, although they don't eat lunch at school (I think because Jaden brings lunch)

  • He needs to pick what goes in the box and he has to bring a snack for Daniel (a kid he says is in his class but I am not sure their really is a kid named Daniel)

So as long as he has control of what he is wearing and what he is bringing, he will go. This is so opposite from Jaden, who still wants me to pick what he wears to school. I guess you can say Alec is more independent (as my best friend Katie called it). I call it difficult. haha He is a stubborn little guy just like his grandpa who he is named after. Alec William is going to give mom grey hair!

But really look how sweet his face is !


I got a A on my first math test! I was pretty excited! I was never really good at math, or should I just say never applied myself. I really think that God had a plan for me when I had Jaden and didn't go to school. Back then I would have never applied myself the way I do now. My mom would have paid for school and I would have just gone because it was what I was suppose to do. Now I struggle to pay for books, sacrifice time with my family to go, study on my lunch hour at work, stay up until midnight to do homework, etc. But because of those reasons I try so much harder to get good grades. My families time is not worth a B and I am not going to spend my money to get a B. I work to hard and I will am going to get a A ! (I have to keep reminding myself this often).
I have a English test tonight................. I better get an A

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forget it!

Why does my family forget everything? Today it was Jaden's lunch, yesterday it was his poster for school and Sienna's shoes for the day, last week it was lunch money etc. It just never ends. I swear, I try and stay organized and it just doesn't work. I guess I need to have a checklist on my door and mark things off every morning.
Our life is busier then normal right now, so I guess I need to try extra hard to remember things. I also need to get my kids (mostly Jaden) to be more responsible for their stuff. I might go nuts trying not to forget anything!


I wonder why she thinks she is a princess?????? ok not. haha She loves this dress up costume that Uncle Steven and Auntie Angela got her! I bet you will never guess what she wants to be for halloween??......................... Yup a Princess!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bows-Sold out

Woohoo! Katie and I sold our bows at the Almaden Art and Wine festival this weekend and guess what..............................we pretty much SOLD OUT! We did awesome. It was a long day but worth it! We had a ton of people that said we should raise our prices, so we have something to think about. Who would have though that my little obsession with bows, would turn into this! I think we need to do more festivals and craft fairs!

She was our model! I heart her!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kiddo update

Jaden-Jaden is doing awesome in 2ND grade. His writing and reading skills have improved so much. He got 100% on his first spelling test. He gets a $1 for every spelling test he gets 100% on. It was back to school night on Tuesday and he left the cutest note on his desk for me it said "mom, thanks for coming to back to school night. I want you to look at my writing. I love you so much." He is so cute. I did get a report that he is talking to much. He must take after his mom. haha

Alec-OK I know you all want to have a preschool update so here it is:
He went to school today.................but only because Nina Missy stayed in the class. He pretty much kept his eye on her at all times to makes sure she wouldn't leave. The real test will be Monday when he will have to go by himself (with his cousin). He has a new backpack, a new lunch box and as of a hour ago he said "I like school".
He likes learning so I figured he would like school. He is always asking to do "homework". He mastered writting a big A and is pretty darn proud of that!

Sienna- The other night as we were reading she said "mom, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10". I was shocked. I didn't think she could count to 10. We had to call grandma and count to her. It was cute. She is so smart. She knows her A,B,C's and we are working on colors. We are also in the beginning stages of potty training. She also thinks very highly of herself and will be the first to tell you that she is pretty or a princess. I guess you can say we are giving her a big head. haha

Thursday, September 18, 2008

5 years!

At this time five years ago, I was waking up and getting ready for a long day of hair, makeup, nails and most important my wedding! I look back at that day and remember how perfect it was. Everything went as as planned (thank god because I spent a year planning every detail). I married the person I fell in love with in high school. So much has changed since that day but through it all we stuck together. Marriage is not easy and takes a lot of work. We have come a long way since that day 5 years ago. We were 21 years old and still trying to figure out our purpose in life. Now we know!

Tonight we will go out to dinner to celebrate and then maybe watch our wedding DVD. The kids love watching it (especially Jaden since he is in it).

September 19th 2003!


I just received these. I love getting flowers!


Wow, what a topic. Psychology class sure is fun. I mean this is something I have never had to think of before in my life. It is a very hard topic and very touchy. I am part of a online class so our answers are not as formal. The question that was being asked is:

What is your opinion on euthanasia? Should laws be changed to allow this action in California? In all states? (Cite and discuss at least two outside sources.)

This is what I have so far. Its subject to change.

I did not know much about Euthanasia before going into this research. After reading articles and studying about it I have to say I am torn when it comes to Euthanasia. While one part of me wants to say I think that it should be legal another part of me wants to say I don’t think it should. I know that for myself I would not want to suffer from a disease that I was eventually going to die from. But at the same time I believe that suicide is a sin and goes against my beliefs and morals.
I do think that there is a moral difference between passive and active euthanasia
I think allowing yourself to die by not treating the disease that eventually will kill you is a lot different then being legally injected before the suffering starts or continues. By refusing treatment you are not directly killing yourself. You did not give yourself the disease. But by having something injected in your body that ends your life is suicide which in my eyes is morally wrong. Then again why go through all the suffering when you could end it before it starts.

I know that I would not want to put my family through the heartache of seeing me suffer a battle I was not going to win. I would not want them to see me lose my hair, lose control over my body and ultimately lose my mind. I would not want my last months/years to be remembered by my suffering. I just wouldn't want that for my family. I would want to have a peaceful death and not one that is filled with heartache and suffering.

While I am very torn with the moral issue of the subject in the end I believe I think it should be legal in California and in all states. Everyone should have the right to chose to suffer or not. It’s a personal choice and not everyone has the same moral beliefs.
I do think there should be boundaries set. How those would be determined I am not sure. I don’t think that not wanting to go in a nursing home should be a factor for having a doctor end your life as in this article

I am still very torn on the question and probably could argue back and forth all day. Basically I can see both the pro's and con's. This was difficult yet interesting for me to get my thoughts all out.

Sunset Tan!

My mom always said that I watch stupid shows but last night was the all time worst!
Sunset tan.......... I mean really? It cant be possible that there is a show about tanning. While I was only watching it because I was waiting for E News to come on (OK I know my mom is rolling her eyes now. haha) but I couldn't help but be amazed on the stupidity of that show. My mom always said that by watching those shows I am lowering my IQ and last night I had to agree. haha That is the lamest show ever. Tanning conventions...........................hahahahahahahaha.
Wow, this world gets better and better everyday.
I always wait for E news to come on at 11 and then fall asleep within the first 5 minutes. I do it every night though.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am home from class. English sure is fun................NOT. Essay's and thesis statements blah blah blah. The best part about night class is the coffee run I do before I go. I wouldn't make it without my Starbucks. How is it that a cup of coffee can make my entire night better? That darn cup is so powerful. I think that might be a problem but not sure. Maybe we should write a essay on it...............OK lets not.

So when I got home I talked to Alec about school. This is how our conversation went

me-"hey Alec, I heard a silly thing today that you didn't want to go have fun with your friends"
him "I am not going to school, mom"
me-"why, hun"
him-"I am not going to school, mom"
me-"oh I forgot you don't like having fun, painting, playing outside, having snack"
him (with a smirk now)-"I am not going to school, mom"
me-"Are you scared to go to school"
him-"I am not going to school".
me"OK I will go to school and play with your friends and have snack and paint and have the best time ever"
him-"your to big"

It pretty much went on like this for 10 min or so. I told him we could pick a special backpack and put a special toy in it. All I got was "I AM NOT GOING MOM".
I made a lot of progress with him.................OK maybe not.
Every time you look at him he says "NOT GOING".

I even tried doing the reverse roll and pretend I was him and every time he looked at me I said "not going". He thought that was pretty funny.
I am so over talking about it now. I told him I wasn't going to talk about it anymore (well at least to him). I don't want to put so much focus on it because then he knows he is getting "my attention".
This parenting stuff needs to come with a manual. Oh and they need to have a special manual for middle children. haha I just don't know what to do.


Day two went like I expected. He didn't go to school! I am torn on what to do. He said that he was not going to go back but I just figured he was being "Alec". Grandma went to drop him off and he flipped out and ran after her.
I am not sure I can get my money back, but is that even the answer? Do I try and force him to go? I am torn.
I think I will try letting him pick out a backpack for school and have Jaden talk to him about how cool school is. He looks up to Jaden so maybe that will work. I may have to go sit in the class and sneak out.
I figured Alec would do this. He really doesn't like strangers nor does he like being around a lot of people. He is very shy (and a pain in the booty. haha).
Don't let his cute looks fool you!


Well I officially have two in school now! Alec started preschool on Monday. I didn't think he would do to well because those of you that know him know that he is...............well lets just say not so friendly with people he doesn't know.

Sunday night Alec said "I am not going to school and if I do I am not talking to anyone." I was a bit worried but Monday morning he woke up with a different attitude (moody). He was so excited to go to school and wear his special sweatshirt that he got for school! He went right in and started playing, of course only with his cousin Nick. I told him I was leaving and I was shocked because he really didn't care. He said "bye mom" with a big smile. Sienna was upset because she wanted to stay. I think it helped that my sister in law stayed in class with him that day because she signed up to help. He was a little shy when he had to get up in front of the class but he did it. I was worried because he is very shy.

Today is day #2. We shall see how it goes.

Friday, September 12, 2008

First Blog!

I thought I would start a blog so everyone can read about my crazy life and crazy family!

I have been blessed with three amazing kids! Jaden is 7, Alec is 3 and Princess Sienna is 2. They are my world!

I have been married to my hubby Brannon for 5 years (Sept.19th ). We have a fun ride getting to the place we are now but we made it.
I am working at a Insurance Company and going to school to become a nurse. I cant wait to until my dream of being a nurse comes true.

That's it for now. I am off to the gym and to go get the kiddos!