Friday, October 31, 2008

Tonights the night.

Tonight is the night I remember being so excited about. Dressing up and getting candy was so much fun to me as a kid. Now, I still love it but in a different way. The kids are so excited and I am too, but ALL THAT CANDY is a nightmare to me now. It once was a jackpot and now its not so much. Let's see if they notice when I toss it next week. haha

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nightime reading

I read to Alec and Sienna at the same time and Jaden separately. Alec and Sienna are still at that age where the book takes 9 hours to read since they ask a million questions and Sienna must point out everything in the book. The stuff she doesn't recognize she says "what's that" and if she doesn't understand your answer you get another "whats that", until you can say it the way she understands.
After I am done reading, they each want to take a turn "reading" it back to me. They usually fight over who gets to go first even though we switch off each time. Last night the book was about a kid who got a bike for his birthday.

Alec's story when something like
One a time (he means once upon a time), the boy got a blue bike for his birthday from his grandma (flips page)
I want a blue bike (flips page),
I better ask my grandma (flips page)
E end! (he means the end). hahahahaha

Sienna's went something like:
Mom said (thats how she starts each page)-The boy had a birthday (flips page)
Mom said, he got a balloon (flips)
Mom said, cake and balloons and presents and a bike and balloons (she loves balloons and you can see)
Mom said,ride the bike

I actually enjoy listening to them "read" haha

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We had a cookie/cupcake party at Katie's. It was fun and the kids loved it (thanks Katie). Of course Katie spoiled my kids with way to much sugar and little toys. Plus I swear she switched Alec's pizza when it "broke". But whatev! It was fun

YUP...............That's my son!

Jeff's cookie!

I got a F on Math test and a A on mommy test!

I didn't go to class last week so I wasn't aware I had a test last night. Of course I failed it because I didn't study. I was really upset because I do not like to fail at anything (who does). I was beating myself up over it in class, so I text Brannon. This is what he said

*Even though you got a bad grade on the test, you get a At for being a good mommy!*

That made me feel so much better! I passed the mommy test and that's better then passing a math test.
On a side note-I still have a A in the class.haha


I just got back from our third trip to the pumpkin patch. Alec had his first field trip today. It was cute. Sienna climbed up a huge slide and then wouldn't come down. The guy running the slide had to go get her because no adults were aloud on the inflatable slide. hahahahaha

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh no.....

As I get older I am finding I do many things like my mom (PLEASE HELP........Kidding mom). For example, my mom has a grocery shopping issue that I have now inherited. When something is on sale we have to buy 10 instead of just one. For example cereal is on sale for $2 we will buy 10 boxes. I at one point at 18 barbecue sauces, 15 box of cereal, and 13 cake mixes. My friends laugh and I actually make fun of my mom for doing this. I can probably feed my entire street for a good month on the food I have in my house. HELP!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Today is Monday and Alec didn't go to school. I guess he has decided that Mondays no longer work out for his schedule and he is not going. Last night his pizza was broken so he wouldn't eat and then we had the fit because he didn't understand why he can't have a full water bottle before bed. I just don't get him sometimes. Again, he is lucky he is cute!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


We dressed the kiddos up and set out for the patch tonight with the cousins (and auntie). They looked so adorable all dressed up that I couldn't help snap away. It was a beautiful night and the kids had so much fun. Tomorrow we are making Halloween cookies and carving pumpkins!!!

Magic she thinks

No more pics

I love my Aunt!
Evil cousins.........haha
Even ladybugs suck thumbs!

This was so hard to actually get a pic of the 5 of us *thanks Mo*
New baby Braylen

Cousins.......and Aunt

she looks so sweet......but she is not. haha

Officer Alec

Friday, October 24, 2008


Halloween is nearing and I am looking through old pics. I love Haloween


Pumpkin family (2006)


I have a ton more. haha